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Welcome to Virtuquest
Movie Props and Movie Prop Replicas.

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Currently, Virtuquest specializes in rare, unique, even odd props and
prop replicas from movies and your favorite TV shows.

Props include;
The Leap of Faith - from Indiana Jones, V-ID Pass - from V Visitors TV series,
Isolinear Rods - Deep Space Nine, Galaxy Quest Necklace - Movie Galaxy Quest,
Toht Coat Hanger - Indian Jones, Mao Kun Map - Pirates Of The Caribbean ,
Alien DNA PDA - Prometheus, Klingon Restraints - Star Trek VI

Most items are available through Ebay, although you can contact Virtuquest
and direct order at lower prices via PayPal.

- Replica Props and Reproductions -

Nimbus 3 Rifle
Mao Kun Map
Klingon Restraints
Klingon Restraints
Leap Of Faith
Leap Of Faith


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Klingon Restraints Star Trek VI

Kilingon Restratints  
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Farscape TV Prop
      -Timbala Sky Map
"Jerimiah Crighton"
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